Addicted To Drama

Many of us come from homes that were unstable, full of conflict, and unpredictable. There could have been a great deal of dysfunction, mental illness, conflict between parents, substance abuse and other addictions, or other issues. As children we became immune to all the drama and conflict that surrounded us daily and it became normal for us.

As we enter adulthood, we seem to be magnets for problems and issues to come our way. We find that when things are smooth and calm in our lives, we become restless and bored. When many of us do is to develop a need or “addiction” to having drama and turmoil in our lives. We find ourselves having to deal with problems and conflicts. We seem to make poor choices with decisions and relationships. Our internal compass is not within our awareness. We end up with depression and anxiety.

Part of the recovery process is learning to be comfortable with a fairly calm and drama-free life.

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