Things Get Better

It has been my experience that given enough time, no matter what the issue, things will get better. We just need to get through it. The key is to go through it. Many people do whatever they can to avoid the feelings of anxiety, emotional pain, or grief. In the long run this only allows the process to take longer and the feelings to become barriers to recovery.

Issues are always going to surface in our lives. Some not due to anything we have done. Nor, that we deserve it. We experience random occurrences that affect our lives in some negative way. Other times we have a misstep or say or do the wrong thing. These are called “mistakes or accidents” for a reason. With these problems we also need to get through it and not avoid. Feel what we need to feel, take whatever steps we need to in order to address the issue, and make any amends that are appropriate. Allow the process to unfold (including the emotional healing process). We need to take what lessons are to be learned and apply them to future decisions. Things will get better.