Some Notes For A Presentation

I am writing this post in order to prepare for a short presentation I will be giving this weekend. I was asked to give a little talk about mental health. There is so much I could talk about. But, in the 15 or 20 minutes I have, I need to find something meaningful and to the point.
I know I want to cover quality of life issues and how this relates to what is seen as “mental health” issues. I also want to cover the stigma of getting counseling and having a mental health diagnosis.

1. Discuss the difference between brain chemistry induced mental health issues and those related to the mind (thoughts and beliefs).
2. My evolution as a mental health professional. For most people it is a quality of life issue.
3. Our thoughts and feelings are not based upon reality. They are based on our perceptions of reality.
4. We are able to change how we feel by changing thoughts and what meaning we give things. Most emotions come as the result of automatic responses to events. If we learn to change our perceptions, everything else changes.
5. Learning our methods of coping from our family of origin. We learn how to be adults from observing and imitating parents and caregivers.
6. We come to an understanding that how we see ourselves and world is really how it is. We only know how to be how we are.
7. What counseling does is help you identify faulty thinking and beliefs and replace them with healthier and more positive ones.