About Jay

I am a Counselor, Life Management and Relationship Coach as well as a Certified Sexologist  in the Southern Florida.  I have been counseling individuals and couples for over 25 years.  My work is primarily with adults and couples dealing with life, mental health, relationship issues, abuse/trauma, substance abuse, and sexual problems. I saw clients in my office until September of this year. I have been doing counseling via webcam for several years with great success.  If you are reluctant to try it, but seeing me in my office is not practical, give it a try.  We have all been confronted with issues that have altered our lives. I will openly discuss my feelings and how I use the the same skills I teach my clients.  I have worked with clients all over the world. I hope that I can help others understand that they can grow and change as I have.  My focus will be reaching more people in order to help them get more out of life and deal with issues more effectively.  I have two websites:  http://www.alttherapist.com and http://www.attherapist.org.  You can also contact me at notarisk@aol.com.

This is a relaunch of my Blog.  I have put a great deal of thought into what I want to accomplish with my blogging.  I am pretty much a novice when it comes to the whole social media thing.  I am on a learning curve.  I hope I can help others live a more productive and rewarding life.  This is what has always motivated me professionally.  That being said, we are most motivated by the things that benefit us.  The question becomes:  how will this blog benefit me?

People who read my blog will come to know me, my values, that I truly care about helping others, and that I use many of the coping tools I teach my clients.  I will get the satisfaction of helping others deal with life in a more positive way.  I can and will refer clients to my Blog and might even have new clients find me through this medium.  This gives me a wider audience to get my message across.  I do want this Blog to be interactive and I welcome and encourage questions.  If I answer publicly, the identity of the people asking questions will be protected.

You will find that I am not long winded with my posts and will find most of them a quick read.  I think this is the most helpful.  I don’t know about others, but, I find it difficult to wade through long posts and tend to avoid them.

I think that pretty much sums it up.  Now on to the posts.  I will try to post something often.

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