Why I Post On A Blog

Over the past few years I have seen more and more garbage being posted as helpful for people with mental health, life issues, relationship, and sexual issues. Most are just a rehash of everything that has been posted with a slick title to get your attention. Much of it is useless or even damaging information. I think I have something positive to offer that can be very helpful and I wanted to reach more people. I have nearly 20 years of touching people’s lives in a very positive way and have extensive training and experience in teaching coping skills, treating trauma, treating substance abuse, and addressing sex and sexual issues. What better way than the internet? It was suggested to me that I start a blog.

I want to write posts that are short and easy to read. I want to post things that people can apply to their lives immediately and get results. I also do this to remind myself of skills I have applied to my own life to help me be balanced and growing. Writing this blog keeps me focused and helps me. I do want to hear from the people who read my blog. Please share your opinions, suggestions, and topics you would like me discuss. Those topics can be about life and coping skills, relationship, and sex and sexuality.

My profession is that of helping people improve their lives and relationships. I have a real passion for helping others but this is also how I pay my bills. It is one of my hopes that potential clients find my blog. If you read my blog believe I have something to offer you, I hope you consider contacting me to discuss working together. My profile contains my contact information.