Living In the Real World

Whenever someone famous commits suicide people are affected in different ways. There is usually the surprise and shock associated with the sudden death. There are the questions of why and how could they? Most of them have achieved success and wealth and have adoring fans. Why would a person who seems to have it all want to end their life? They live in the real world just like you and I.

When these people appeared in the public eye they seemed so happy and positive and full of energy. It seemed their lives were so easy and they were able to have whatever they desired. What we saw was just a snapshot of their life. What we saw was only what they wanted us to see. What we saw was actually fantasy and not reality. These celebrities lived in the real world as we all do. They all had a history of life experiences, tragedies, losses, as well as the happy times and successes. Some had medical issues. Others had mental health and substance abuse problems. It is not easy living your life in the public eye. It affects how others see them as well as making it more difficult to have stable relationships. They lived in the real world and what the rest of us see is merely an illusion.

Just like the rest of us, life sometimes gets to be too much to deal with. Feelings of desperation and helplessness and hopelessness take over. It seems there is no way out other than to put an ending to it all. They lived in the real world.

If you look at what you think their lives have been and compare them to your own remember that you live in the real world too.

What does it all mean?

What does it all mean? Does my life have a purpose? Is there a plan or are events just random? Mankind has been asking this question from the beginning. The kind of question we face laying in bed at night alone in our thoughts. If you ask someone with strong religious beliefs you will get one answer. A spiritual person will answer differently. An individual who has no particular spiritual or religious beliefs will have another answer. Are the all right? Are they all wrong?

The conclusion I have come to is that we all determine what the meaning of life is or our purpose. Is there something you are supposed to learn? Is there something you are supposed to achieve? Is there a cause you are here to champion? What about happiness and contentment? The hedonist says it is all about pleasure.

I know one thing. Life is better if we have a purpose. We are better served if that purpose is determined by us and not by another individual or group. I do not look for some universal truth. I look for my own truth. My truth may not be yours just as your truth may not be mine. If you value your life then you value yourself more.