Power and Control

Just how much power and control do we have over what happens in our lives? When things are going smoothly we feel very powerful and think we have everything under control. That changes quickly when something comes along and disrupts our lives. This can be due to something we did not anticipate or of which we were unaware. It could also be an unanticipated consequence of something we did or said. It can be caused by other people or natural forces.

It is very important to recognize and accept what we have can have power and control over as well as what we do not. Even though we can influence people and events, we do not have the power to control them. Touch the tip of your nose. This is where our control ends. We have the power and control of what we think and do. This very much determines what we feel. We do have control of how we react to events and deal with them.

Make the effort to accept these truths and it will make your life simpler and more easily managed.