Life Is Not Perfect

Just as life is not perfect, I do not pretend to suggest it can be. Problems will arise in our lives. I object when people will offer up the supportive “everything will be okay.” No one has a crystal ball. No one can promise that all will work out. I can say in all honesty that whatever your issue, there will be a resolution at some point. You cannot control many of the issues that will face you during your life. But, you can learn the skills to manage your life better.

Practical Advice

If you have a situation or issue to deal with or overcome work through it the best you can and move on. As much as we would like to have do overs or an easy button, there are none. Life is too short to dwell on the past and be miserable. We all find ourselves in situations we don’t want to be in. We are all human and make mistakes. Developing the life skills to navigate life is very important.

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