Looking For Answers

The most common question that is asked when something bad happens is: why did this happen to me or why would someone do that to me? We look for simple answers to questions that may have complicated or even non-existent answers. Many people think of divine intervention or punishment or even karma.

In some cases there are easy answers to these questions. Many times, as hard as we might try, we are unable to find answers when something happens. It is necessary at times to accept that there is no reasonable reason for a specific incident in our life. Life is easier if we can learn to accept that both positive and negative things happen in everyone’s life.

If there is a lesson to be learned, make every effort to learn that lesson and not repeat behaviors you can change. If you cannot identify a lesson or a reason, it is very important to accept your situation and move on.

It is possible that answers may reveal themselves at some time in the future.