Seeing The Whole Picture

I was watching an interview of the singer Pink on TV this past week. She has had a remarkable year with a lot of personal and professional success. That got me thinking about how we see others and compare ourselves and out lives to others. Making these kinds of comparisons is inherently emotionally unhealthy.

When we look at moments or a small portion of someone else’s life it is like looking at a snapshot. If things are going exceptional well for someone we tend think of them as having some kind of charmed life. If we step back and see their life as a whole what we are more likely to see are ups and downs and highs and lows. Nobody has a perfect life without some trials and tribulations.

Pink has had many problems in her personal and professional life that lead her to where she is today. All the experiences have made the woman she is today.

The same goes for us all. Life is a full length movie not a snapshot. Keep this in mind when viewing yourself and your life.

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