4 Simple Steps To Improve Your Life.

With increased awareness, focus, and persistence you can make changes in the way you think, what things mean to you, as well as change behaviors. You can see dramatic changes in your overall mood and the quality of your life. There are 4 simple steps to this process:

1. Increase awareness and identify those thoughts and behaviors that have caused you be depressed or anxious. There is an internal conversation going on within us all. You need to become more aware of what you are thinking and what things mean to you. Your feelings and behaviors are a result of your thoughts and what meaning you give them. Journaling is as great tool to use in order to facilitate more awareness.
2. Explore alternative thoughts and/or behaviors that may be more effective.
3. Change your thoughts and behaviors. This requires vigilance and increasing your focus. When you find yourself falling back into old thoughts and behaviors, switch to what you have replaced it with. This could require some trial and error to find what is most effective for you.
4. Repeating the new thoughts and/or behavior is reinforced by more positive results (feeling better and more desirable outcomes). The new thoughts and behaviors will be internalized and replace the old ones.

This process works. You WILL be able to change your life!!!

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