No Joy From The Misfortune of Others

The recent conviction of Jerry Sandusky (the former football coach convicted of molesting several boys over many years) brought up an interesting issue for me. It seems that many people rejoice when bad things happen to those who are seen as bad people. Other recent examples are the deaths of Osama Bin Ladin, Omar Kadafi, and Sadam Hussein. Although I understand the reaction of celebrating the demise of people we see as villains, I also find it confusing and even unsettling. When people do some seriously bad things it seems like a mob mentality takes over and it resembles a blood lust. A part of it seems to me like people enjoy seeing the fall of the powerful.

Don’t get me wrong. They are all people who did some seriously bad things and should been accountable for their actions. But, to rejoice and dance in the streets and cheer is something difficult for me to comprehend. I find the reaction unsettling. I also would not want people rejoicing for bad things happening to me. I don’t judge others for their reactions. It’s just uncomfortable for me.

Just wonder if others feel like this.

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