Overcoming Adversity

In the corporate world there is a saying. “There are no problems, just opportunities.” I totally disagree. There are problems that come up for all of us. We cannot avoid having problems arise in our lives. Some of these are small inconveniences while other problems can be quite significant and sometimes life altering. But, the fact remains that we all encounter problems.

We have choices to make when issues arise. We can avoid facing them. We can find a way around them. We can allow ourselves to fall victim and allow it to keep us from progressing in our lives. We can also face the problem, deal directly with it, and move on no matter what the outcome. The outcome is not completely in our power to control. What we do is in our control.

Sometimes we have difficulty seeing the problem for what it is or how to deal with it. Reaching out for help is a powerful tool. Many people think that seeking assistance or help somehow makes us weak individuals. Knowing when to seek help and doing so is a powerful and useful tool for solving and overcoming problems. Support is very important for all of us.

Seek the solutions to the problems you face. Solve the issue the best you can and get assistance when it is needed and available. Learn what you need to learn. Don’t hold on to the issue once it is behind you. This will only inhibit your ability to move forward.

Yes, there are problems. But, many times we benefit from finding solutions and learning from them.

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