I think that “procrastination” is a good topic to begin with. Mostly because I have been procrastinating about getting my Blog back up and running for a considerable amount of time. I would like to apologize for those who had been following my Blog for my abrupt departure. I had been advised that it was in my best interest to take the Blog down.

What was behind my procrastination when it came to blogging again? One word, “fear.”I feared doing it wrong, not knowing what to say, being judged, failing, fear of the unknown, and even success.  These are common reason why people procrastinate even when they know that doing the tasks they are avoiding will benefit them.  Other reasons for procrastinating are avoiding unpleasant or dangerous tasks.

It seems the more we procrastinate, the more difficult it becomes to tackle the task.  I am all for facing fears in order to overcome them.  The way to overcome procrastination is to stop thinking about the task and start doing it.  I know its easier said than done.  Just the act of starting will help us to feel better about ourselves and motivate us to continue.  One bit of advice:  even though you know that procrastination is not good, don’t beat yourself up over engaging in it.  It wont help your overcome it and it wont help your self-esteem.

We need to build new habits in order to change from the old ones that have not been working, in order to improve our lives.  In many cases, these are the habits that cause us problems and complicate our lives.  Procrastination is one of them.

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